Youth Group


RBF Youth Group seeks to make disciples of our Lord Jesus by Connecting teens to God, Others, Service Ministries, and the Lost.  So what does this Connecting process look like?  Following is a simple breakdown and schedule.   

Connecting to God- Sunday Worship

Connecting to Others- Youth LifeGroup

Connecting to Service Ministries- Serving Jesus in the Church and around our Community 

Connecting to the Lost- Mission trips & training for students to reach the lost in their life and around the world








Upcoming Youth Schedule:

October 17th: @Ladd's house Fire+Games 5PM

November 1st: @RBF 5:30-7:30

November 15th @RBF 5:30-7:30

November 29th: Soup Fundraiser after church (Take Out)

December 6th: Youth Christmas Party @RBF A meal will be provided.